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Reform in the Correctional Facility in Boychinovtsi

The idea

The project “Reform in the Correctional Facility in Boychinovci“ is based on the idea to develop a modern system for preventing and restricting criminality among adolescents through creating patterns for detention, deprivation of freedom and resocialization of minor-aged offenders according to the European standards. The efforts of the civil organizations targeted at improving the legislative and institutional environment for education and reformation of minor-aged offenders are the first necessary step to reforming the correctional facility.

Useful partnerships

The project was implemented by the Future for Bulgaria Foundation in partnership with European House – Denmark, the Bulgarian Institute for Interpersonal Relations, the Dynamics Foundation, the Association for Family Planning and Sexual Health, the Bulgarian Association of Social Workers, the European Law Association and the Youth Center for Initiatives and Consultancy with the financial support of the EU PHARE Programme. Within the two years of the project (2000–2002), more than 20 programs and initiatives were implemented which provoked the active participation of the young people with deviant behavior in Boychinovci, the managers and staff of the correctional facility, as well as many experts in child criminality from Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Ruse. Among the publications on the project are 6 issues of the Reform Bulletin, the brochures “Boychin”, “Between Ourselves” and “Child Criminality – A Manageable Risk”.

Our contribution

The Foundation contributed to the construction of a new sports facility and a table tennis hall, a fully equipped computer center with 12 working places in a network, the equipment of the office for “Preparation for a Life of Freedom” and of a video hall featuring a TV set and a video recorder. We also donated a van and textbooks, books and training materials to the school and the library and some wood and agricultural equipment for the professional training courses.