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Project “From Training to Sustainable Employment”

The project

The project “From Training to Sustainable Employment” was implemented by the Future for Bulgaria Foundation with the financial support of the PHARE program 2002.91 of the EU in the territory of the municipality of Vidin. The project value was 47 960 euro.


The project is aimed at reducing the level of unemployment among people between 18 and 24 years in the region of Vidin. Its duration is 12 months (from May 2005 to May 2006) and includes a 6-month training for 20 unemployed young people in the company SD Metalik 90, as well as further conclusion of permanent labour contracts with all trainees. The training was carried out according to a developed curriculum by the principle of rotation on the job. One of the purposes of the project is to contribute to the establishment of sustainable partnerships between a non-governmental organization, namely the Future for Bulgaria Foundation, and an employer – the company SD Metalik 90, specialized in the production of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes.

Target group

The direct beneficiaries of the project were 20 unemployed people between 18 and 24 years of age with high-school education, but without professional qualification and years of services, registered with the Unemployment Office in the town of Vidin. Another target group under the project were 20 workers from the company SD Metalik 90, who had the chance to raise their qualification through a training course. The workers under the age of 29 were included in the project with priority.