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Presentation Abroad

Presentation of the Future for Bulgaria Foundation in Bern

On the 25 February 1999, a presentation of the Foundation at a special evening in our embassy in Bern, Switzerland, was organized. The President Mrs. Elena Kostova presented the Foundation’s activities and our new projects to diplomats, businessmen and representatives of charity organizations. The President of the Foundation accounted for the 272 000 Swiss franks collected from them, granted for the repair works of the children’s homes in Yambol and Teteven.

The Book Fair in Leipzig

The accent of the annual book fair in Leipzig was the presentation of Bulgarian literature – 79 publishing houses exhibited over 500 titles. The Future for Bulgaria Foundation prepared issues of the series “The Hologram Collection”, “Wolf Hunt” by Ivaylo Petrov, “Fragments” by Atanas Dalchev and a book of fairy tales by the writer Sevda Kostova from Varna especially for the fair.

Presentation of Bulgaria in Austria

The series of meetings and discussion conducted by the Future for Bulgaria Foundation in Austria was a result of the already established partnerships between the Foundation and Austrian non-governmental organizations, among which was Hilfswerk Österreich. The gradual transition of the Future for Bulgaria Foundation from direct humanitarian support to projects aimed at the long-term development of agriculture led to the implementation of the project “Help for Self-help”. In the framework of the project from August to November 1998, Austrian agricultural workers organized by Hilfswerk Österreich granted 120 agricultural machines to the region of the town of Elena, which is the administrative center of 400 villages in 21 municipalities and has a total population of 150 000 people.

“Bulgarian Spring”

Conceived and implemented in cooperation with the French Association “Enterprises and People” and our partners from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the region of Midi-Pyrénées and the company “Depeche du Midi”, the Bulgarian Evening in Toulouse held on the 26 March 1998 gathered over 1000 French guests and delegates from Bulgaria. The purpose of “Bulgarian Spring” was to raise funds for humanitarian projects in Bulgaria (in particular, the construction of an agricultural college at the Home for Children and Adolescents in Strazhica) on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to present the positive changes in Bulgaria from the last year to the French public and to attract the attention to the new prospects of the Bulgarian market and to the opportunities for French-Bulgarian economic cooperation.

Third annual meeting of the center of European foundations Torino 6–7 November 1998

At the invitation of the Group of Donors at the Center of European Foundations, comprising over 160 leading European sponsors and more than 7000 European non-governmental organizations, Mrs. Elena Kostova presented the activity of the Future for Bulgaria Foundation and commented on the policies of the funding organizations active in the region of Eastern Europe. Future for Bulgaria was the only foundation from Eastern Europe participating in the forum invited to share its experience of a working foundation and the trends in the non-governmental sector. At the same time, it was Mrs. Kostova’s mission to argue the necessity to grant funds to local non-governmental organizations in Eastern Europe.

Days of Bulgarian Culture

With the support of the Bulgarian community in Paris, the French-Bulgarian association “Friends of Bulgaria”, the Bulgarian Embassy in France and UNESCO, the Future for Bulgaria Foundation organized Days of the Bulgarian Culture in Paris. The main purpose of the event was to raise funds for the construction of a Center for Professional and Social Rehabilitation for Disabled Children and Adolescents in the town of Pomorie. The project was implemented in cooperation with the National Center for Social Rehabilitation.


On the 5 June 1998 a charity evening devoted to Bulgaria took place in Geneva. The Bulgarian evening was organized by the Foundation “Christina” and the Future for Bulgaria Foundation with the kind support of the Bulgarian Embassy in Switzerland and the committee “Friendship for Bulgaria”. The revenues amounting to 136 000 Swiss franks were granted for the repair works of the Home for Children and Adolescents in Yambol and the Elementary School “Otec Matey” in Veliko Tarnovo.

International School of Theoretical Physics in Kiev

From the 29 April to the 7 May 2002 the Second International School of Theoretical Physics was organized in Kiev. With the support of the Future for Bulgaria Foundation, Ukrainian, Russian and 8 Bulgarian students from the physics class of the National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences “Acad. L. Chakalov” in Sofia took part. The School of Theoretical Physics is an initiative of the National Foundation “The Children of Ukraine” (our long-term partner in a number of activities) together with the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

A reception in Germany conquers the people’s hearts

On the 14 November 1997 the popular TV channel “Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk”, which is watched throughout Europe, broadcast a special evening dedicated to Bulgaria live. The most popular rock and pop performers of Germany were the stars of the show. The performance was organized by the Future for Bulgaria Foundation. During this reception, the viewers had the opportunity to bid for works of Bulgarian arts and crafts. The works were donated by prominent artists such as prof. Georgi Chapkanov, prof. Svetlin Rusev, the sculptor Metodi Popov. The collected amount was granted for the repair works necessary in the orphanage in the town of Veliki Preslav.