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Protected House for Mentally Disabled People


The protected house for mentally disabled people is a social service of residential type in the community, in which 15 users with mild mental disability lead a relatively independent with the support of specialists.


Social inclusion and improving the quality of life of the users, promoting their social adaptation and integration; further development of their knowledge and skills for coping with daily activities; adoption of labour habits, training in housework activities; interaction with institutions for the protection of the rights of disabled people; support in finding a job position and inclusion in temporary employment schemes; socio-psychological work and support of every nature; labour therapy – cooking, art and hobby studios, cultural events, sports activities; restoration and improvement of the contacts with family environment.

Target group

Mentally disabled adults with low to average dependence in terms of care and support in daily life and social functioning.

Purpose of the project

Creating premises for support, mutual help, effective protection and social integration of people with mental disorders; carrying out activities to achieve social inclusion and restoration of lost social skills and habits; provision of а fulfilled and independent way of life in an appropriate family-like environment with opportunities for support and self-expression.