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St. Anna Daily Center for Disabled Children


The daily center is a pack of services creating premises for the full-featured attendance of disabled children connected with satisfying their daily, educational and rehabilitation needs, as well as with free time management. The courses are carried out according to individually developed programs.


The activities of the specialists in the center are focused on: developing and improving the speech capacities and communication skills; gathering knowledge of the surrounding world, the social environment, enriching the social and cultural life of the children; compensation and correction of psychophysical disorders, developing and enriching the sensory experience through labour, music and art therapy; improving the major mobility functions and teaching the children independence and self-servicing; training in daily life activities and adoption of labour habits; consultancy for the parents of children with specific needs.

Target group

The target group comprises disabled children up to 18 years of age with diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; psychomotor and cognitive disorders; speech disorders; other physical disorders; with controlled epilepsy without incidents of aggression and auto aggression.

Purpose of the project

The mission of the daily center is to provide inclusive, tolerant and enhancing environment for the children with physical and intellectual difficulties, as well as to promote their social integration.