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Center for Temporary Accommodation and Asylum


The Center for Temporary Accommodation is a pack of social services for homeless people aimed at responding to their daily needs. Rendering support in solving the social issues of the users through developing, raising or restoring their individual resources, creating premises for support through preventive policy aimed at improving the quality of life. Creating preconditions for promotion and access to healthcare, education and social services, ensuring the equal status of socially excluded people and providing access to job positions.


Provision of a bed in the establishment; development of an individual plan according to each person’s needs; cooperation in facilitating the access to healthcare services; participation in educational courses depending on the age and preferences of the person; personal time management.

Target group

People from the following groups at risk are accommodated – homeless persons living below the poverty line; orphans graduated from centers for professional qualification or graduating from other educational institutions, graduating from Homes for Parentless Children; persons released from detention institutions.

Purpose of the project

The mission of the Center for Temporary Accommodation is to provide a high-quality service related to the social integration and reincorporation of the persons.