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The Women of the 21-st Century

About the project

The Future for Bulgaria Foundation organized and carried out an international conference “The Women of the 21-st Century: Overcoming the Obstacles to the Sustainable Development of Southeastern Europe” in Sofia on the 11 and 12 October 1998 together with the foundation “Values”, the association Access, the foundation SEGA, the Center for Social Practices and the Open Society Foundation. The conference was conducted under the honoured chairmanship of Antonina Stoyanova, Elena Kostova and Eva Sokolova and gathered 150 women leaders from 15 states in the capital city of Bulgaria. The participants discussed in groups the key problems of sustainable development: the consolidation of democracy, international security and its regional aspects, the environment, the development of civil society, criminality and corruption, the independence of the media, the social security networks and the public healthcare system.