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AIDS and drugs

Program for prevention of AIDS and restriction of drug distribution

Among the greatest challenges our contemporary society is facing are the problems related to AIDS, the use of narcotic substances and the ever growing violence rate. The Future for Bulgaria Foundation together with its partners implemented a number of projects with the purpose of understanding the problems of the children and young people and helping them to solve these problems. It was in 1997 that we started our activities on the prevention of AIDS in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. We organized many concerts throughout the country, we supported Edita production house in creating films against AIDS and drugs, we financed the printing of Anti-drug notebooks in three parts for students of different age groups together with methodological instructions for their use and a brochure for the parents on request of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, together with the Museum of the MoI and the National Forum “Bulgarka”we enabled the issuing of the Drug newspaper, we organized a permanent, and then a travelling exhibition “Together Against Drugs”, which went around tens of cities throughout the country. The exhibition presented samples of the different types of drugs, their various ways of distribution, the work of the police and the Customs Agency to restrict this distribution, confessions of addicts and notes written by addicts before they died. We also financed the theater performance by Kiril Ampov “Electrocution” in the Satiric Theater which presents the problem of drugs to the young people.

Together against drugs

On the 20 February 2002 together with publishing house Anubis we organized the Second National Meeting “Together Against Drugs” in the Museum of the Ministry of Interior. The first meeting was conducted at the same venue in 1999 with 40 representatives of non-governmental organization, the state administration and the media. The second meeting gathered together over 200 participants – school directors, representatives of non-governmental organizations and the media, doctors. The participants were acquainted with patterns and practices for the restriction of the distribution and use of narcotic substances.
On the 11 April 2002 we organized a regional meeting “Together Against Drugs” in Ruse. The participants were 140 representatives of the Ministry of Interior, the judiciary, non-governmental organization from the region and various media. In the framework of the meeting, the joint initiatives of the Foundation and the MoI aimed at restricting the distribution and use of drugs were presented. The proposals and recommendations from the subsequent discussion were summarized and sent by the Foundation to the National Assembly in the form of official letter.