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Humanitarian Program

Our partners

Since its establishment the Foundation has supported tens of children’s social homes, homes for elderly people, disabled children, orphans and children with only one parent, blind, deaf, sick elderly people and many healthcare institutions. Our main partners in our humanitarian program were the Bulgarian Red Cross, the Agency for Foreign Support, the Bulgarian-German Forum, The Office for Friendly Support at the German Embassy, the Christina Association in Switzerland, Hilfswerk Austria and others.
Among the prominent donors of medicines, consumables, medical and hospital equipment are:
STADA – Germany, the Maltese Order, Friends of Bulgaria Association – Italy, The Austrian-Bulgarian Association from Vienna, ET Arishop – V. Arizanov, Sopharma, Naturprodukt, Hovochim, Expotech 1, Meginet, The Christina Association from Switzerland, The Commercial League, Doverie Holding, SA, Bayer Bulgaria, the hospital of Sankt Pölten, d-r Yanakiev from Austria,
Medicus, SOPHARMA, Institute for Serums and Vaccines – Italy, Humanitarian initiative of the Communication Workers Union in Great Britain, the Bitinger family from the USA, the Pandurski family from Germany, Eleonore Dobreva from Germany and many others.
We have helped numerous patients in hospitals throughout the country.

For the children

The Future for Bulgaria Foundation granted funds for repairing the children’s ward of the hospital in the town of Svishtov – department for babies and adolescents, the childbirth ward in the District Hospital of Kardzhali and to the Ward for Prematurely Born Children in the State Children’s Hospital in Sofia.
In response to the appeals for supporting the orphan houses throughout the country we reached out and helped numerous establishments – homes for parentless children, home for pre-school children, homes for children and adolescents, schools for mentally disabled children and homes for children with various impairments throughout the country, as well as schools and nurseries.
Upon the specific request of the School for Children with Impaired Vision in Sofia and the National Community Center for the Visually Impaired “L. Braille” and with the support of the company Kapelen Bulgaria 900 the Foundation managed to provide 900 kg of paper for Braille print necessary for the training of the blind children and for printing textbooks for blind university students. The Foundation also financed the repair works and the furnishing of the campus of the same school in Sofia and donated audio equipment, medicines and presents to the children.
Our many donors have paid special attention to the orphans and the children from families below the poverty threshold, for lonely elderly people and disabled people on various holidays. Besides the chocolates and toys, the children received training materials, books, clothes and shoes.
On the joint initiative of the National Electricity Company, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Future for Bulgaria Foundation we visited and brought gifts to the children and wives of the tragically killed coal miners. The Foundation also purchased from the company Dräger a special device for measuring the gases in the mines for the Bobov Dol mines.
The Foundation organized Christmas holidays for the children treated at the children’s clinics of the Pirogov Hospital in Sofia. The stars of the event were the singers Vasko Krapkata, Bogdan Tomov and Blagovest Argirov, as well as the young actors from the Kopcho puppet theater „at the Children’s Art Center of the Foundation.

For the State Fire and Accident Safety Office

We helped the State Fire and Accident Safety Office with the delivery of a fire engine, ambulance and a special high ladder from France for the needs of the Sofia fire brigade. We also supported the initiative “Young Fireman”.

With the Hilfswerk Foundation

The Hilfswerk Foundation from Austria sent 10 000 packages of food and presents for the children of Bulgaria on the eve of 1998 and thus brought great Christmas joy to hundreds of poor families. Through our partners from Austria we managed to provide Christmas decoration for the capital city and 120 agricultural machines to support the private economic structure of the Association of Agricultural Machine Operators in the municipality of Elena.

With the company Trisa

The company Trisa from Switzerland donated 300 000 toothbrushes with a special inscription on the package which reads “A present for the children of Bulgaria”, which the Foundation granted to the National Campaign for Dental Prophylaxis for the children in the first grade, for orphans and children with only one parent and the disabled children throughout the country.

With the company Lilly

In 2002 with the support of the company Lilly we donated hygienic materials and games to the Psychiatric Clinic for Children and Adolescents at the Alexandrovska Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment. We gave 300 sets of ecologic wooden toys to a number of nurseries. At the beginning of this year the Bulgarian church granted us 70 cardboard boxes of food, textbooks, toys and clothes which we gave to the school in the village of Lipnica, the home for parentless children “Radost” in the village of Dren and the home for parentless children in the village of Roman.

With the Association “Enterprises and People”

The Association Enterprises and People from France donated with our mediation 10 sewing machines Pickling to the Professional School for Clothing in Sofia.