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Gardens Project

Project “Gardens of the UN”

On the initiative of the Garden magazine, the Municipality of Sofia, the Future for Bulgaria Foundation and the UN Program for Development, the project UN Gardens was implemented in the City Park in the capital city of Bulgaria. The support of garden designers, companies and embassies enabled the creation of gardens of Bulgaria, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, the Holy Altar, the Latin American countries, Greece, Great Britain, Israel, Morocco, South Africa, Portugal, Lebanon, Japan, Italy, Russia, UN and Future for Bulgaria.

Beautiful Sofia Project

The Students’ City was cleaned under the initiative of the management of the Students’ City’s management and the Future for Bulgaria Foundation with the purpose of teaching the young residents of the region to clean the place they live in. Many young people, municipality officials and the team of the Foundation took part. Not only were the students rewarded by collecting the accumulated waste, thus making their neighbourhood fresh and clean, but they also received gratitude and presents for their efforts.

Project “The Gardens of Bulgaria”

The project “The Gardens of Bulgaria” is a joint initiative of the Garden magazine and the Future for Bulgaria Foundation aimed at promoting the popularity and development of decorative gardening in the country. It is the initiators’ strong belief that this project has the capacity to form a new image of the not so easy to maintain green areas in the cities throughout the country. Simultaneously we strive at enhancing the popularity of the profession of landscape designers who plan and implement the gardens, which, on its turn, would further develop the entire economic sphere – nursery gardens, flower growing, watering systems, garden accessories and equipment, plant protection, etc. In the framework of this project we organized a children’s poetry competition under the motto “The Flower I Raised”. The Foundation and the Garden magazine also opened a competition for garden designs in Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Haskovo, Razgrad and Zlatograd for the students in Landscape Architecture at the University of Forestry in Sofia. It was our responsibility to supply the rewards for the students who submitted the best projects. The designs for the gardens in Plovdiv (on the occasion of Pope John-Paul the Second’s visit to Bulgaria) and in Veliko Tarnovo have already been implemented. We also received the essential support of the company MH Commercial which granted 5000 saplings –1000 for each of the cities included in the project.