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Children’s Art Center in Sofia

The Spectrum School and the Kopcho Theater

Between the years 1998 and 2015 the Spectrum School and the Kopcho Theater continuously worked with the children in the fields of painting, ceramics, iconography and puppet theater at the Children’s Art Center of the Future for Bulgaria Foundation. The children and young people were very productive and their efforts were rewarded with numerous awards for their participation in exhibitions, competitions, concerts and children’s feasts. The center has sent hundreds of paintings to national and international competitions and our children received an award each time they participated in such initiatives.
The creative team of the Kopcho theater has held numerous performances in hospitals and schools and at festivals and holidays. Apart from performing very artistically, the young people also take pride in making their scenery and puppets by themselves.

Zhestim Group

The young singers with hearing impairment from the Zhestim group were very active in their performances in the period between 1998 and 2002. They took part in many TV shows and charity concerts. Their music spread outside the borders of Bulgaria, Spain, Russia and other countries. The art, iconography and ceramics schools, the puppet theater Kopcho and the group of young performers with hearing impairment Zhestim give the children wonderful opportunities for artistic expression and possibilities to spend their time in a both useful and pleasant manner.