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Children’s Energy Parade

The child in Bulgaria

Bulgaria In the framework of the project “The Child in Bulgaria” (1997), a working group of students and professors at the Faculty of Law of the Sofia University was formed, which collected and translated international legal acts on which the proposals for legislative changes concerning the children of Bulgaria were to be based. A National Workshop on “Interaction in the Policies for Children” was organized on the 8 December 1997 with the participation of over 30 representatives of non-governmental organizations working with children and representatives of executive agencies, where various problems related to children were discussed and recommendations for their solution were offered.

Children’s summer

This idea was implemented with the financial support of our partners from the Foundation for Civil Society Development (FCSD), the Open Society Institute and our donors from Israel. In the summer of 1997, the resort in Ravda accommodated 1450 children and teachers from 20 orphanages, and in the summer of 1998 the resorts in Ravda and Byala welcomed 2379 children and teachers from the homes and more than 100 guests – volunteers and scouts.

The national festival The Golden Rooster

It was the composer Boris Karadimchev who gave the idea of the national festival of the Bulgarian children’s song “The Golden Rooster” which started in 1998. The organization of the festival is a result of the fruitful cooperation and partnership between the foundations “Bulgarian Song” and Future for Bulgaria. The festival includes two competitions: for choirs of all genres and styles and for new Bulgarian songs. The preparation of the choirs spans throughout the year, and the final stage is traditionally conducted between 30 May and 1 June each year.

Christmas Meeting for Talented Children

On the 17 December 1999, the Future for Bulgaria Foundation organized a Christmas meeting for children presenting Bulgaria abroad with their talents at the Kempinski-Zografski Hotel. Among the guests were winners of national and international Olympiads, as well as participants in national and international competitions in various scientific and artistic fields.

Program 2000 – “Children’s Energy Parade”

Program 2000 features a cycle of competitions and quizzes connected with the national and traditional holidays of Bulgaria.
The topics of the competitions evoked the children’s lively interest, which can easily be noted by the number of 11 327 participants in the competitions organized between 1997 and 2001 and the program as a whole.
The results of the competitions were broadly covered by the media and displayed at exhibitions in the country and abroad. The nominated pictures of the competition “Look in the Future” were exhibited in the UN building in New York, and the pictures from the competition “Bulgarian Saints and Holy Places” were displayed in Warsaw on the occasion of the national holiday of Bulgaria, the 3 March. Exhibitions were organized in Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Pleven, Targovishte, Lovech and Blagoevgrad.

En Plein Air Painting Ohrid 2000

On the initiative of the Future for Bulgaria Foundation, in cooperation with the Blagovestie Foundation from FYROM and with the kind support of the mayor of the town of Ohrid, Ohrid became the host of an En Plein Air Painting course for children. The participants were 46 little painters representing the art schools in Targovishte, Lovech, Varna, Pleven, Sofia, Plovdiv and the village of Oresh, and 50 children from the FYROM. In the booklet “Ohrid 2000” we managed to recreate the results of the personal impressions and the art works of the children.

The Day of Annunciation

On the occasion of the beginning of spring and on the eve of the sacred Christian holiday of the Annunciation, the Future for Bulgaria Foundation together with publishing house Anubis organized a holiday for the children of Sofia on the 23 March 2001. There were performances by Bogdan Tomov, Blagovest Argirov and the children from 37 Nursery School in Sofia. On this holiday, the winners of the competition for children’s paintings on the topic “Spring” organized by the Foundation for the schools and nurseries in the region of Krasno Selo in Sofia, were announced.

First place in the Balkan Mathematics Competition

The Bulgarians again won the first place in the team competition – they were awarded with three golden and three silver medals. The Future for Bulgaria Foundation purchased the airplane tickets for the participants in the Balkan Mathematics Competition with the financial support of a private company.

140 years Sv. Sv. Kiril I Metodiy Primary School in the village of Lipnitsa

On the 15 May 2003 a charity concert was held in the reading-room of the town of Botevgrad on the occasion of 140 years from the establishment Sv. Sv. Kiril I Metodiy Primary School in the village of Lipnitsa, municipality of Botevgrad. The Future for Bulgaria Foundation supported this charity initiative of the school which teaches and accommodates parentless. We provided children’s clothes and a concert featuring the popular singers Bogdana Karadocheva, Stefan Dimitrov, Vasko Krapkata, Bogdan Tomov and Blagovest Argirov.

Children’s poetry competitions

The Future for Bulgaria Foundation annually organizes competitions for children’s poetry for two age groups – up to twelve years and between 12 and 18 years. The jury takes great care in evaluating the children’s poems and awards numerous prizes. After each competition we organize a party to confer the prizes to the young talents.