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Repair Works and Equipment

Repair works for Homes for Upbringing of Parentless Children

One of the first big humanitarian projects of the Foundation featured the major repair works and furnishing of the orphanage in the village of Slatino, municipality of Boboshevo. Since it was established, the Foundation has been funding fully or partially the repair works of the Rhodope hostel in Plovdiv, the homes for upbringing of parentless children Yuri Gagarin in Yambol and Duga in Dobrich, as well as the Mother and Child Home in Zlatica (with the support of the Rotary Club in Seattle, USA).

Professional Training Center Strazhica

The Foundation launched the construction of a college providing professional training and preparation. In September 1999 the first block of the college was opened and 57 children were accommodated who received professional training as specialists in the field of agriculture. We were also supported by the French Association “Enterprises and People” and the Japanese Embassy in Sofia.

Appeal for support to the children from the settlements destroyed by the fire

In 1999 during the tens of fires that burst out throughout the country, the Future for Bulgaria Foundation together with the Bulgarian Red Cross made a common appeal for support to the children from the villages and towns affected by the fires. The Foundation procured funds from its donors to organize a 14-day summer camp in Varna for 130 children from the affected regions in the same period when the houses damaged by the fire were being reconstructed and made major repair works in the burned down school “Ivan Vazov” in the village of Nova Nadezhda, municipality of Haskovo. The affected children from the school received textbooks, materials and shoes from us.

Center for Rehabilitation and Training of Disabled Adolescents “Sveti Georgi” in Pomorie

In cooperation with the National Center for Social Rehabilitation (NCSR), the Future for Bulgaria Foundation took the initiative to raise funds for the construction of this center whose architectural design is such as to comply with all norms and regulations on free movement. The Foundation also procured professional kitchen equipment and supported the planting of the yard and the winter garden of the center. The Foundation also granted funds for the opening of the daily centers for disabled children “Sv. Mina” in Sofia and “Sv. Nikolay Chudotvorec” in Burgas at the National Center for Social Rehabilitation (NCSR). With the support of our partners from the Invacair Association from France we granted a truck with wheelchairs and equipment for the disabled. We also helped with the equipment of a professional workshop with sewing machines and a laundry machine for the Social Professional Training Facility in the village of Bata, municipality of Pomorie. We responded to the appeals for help of the daily centers for disabled children in Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Pazarzdhik, Yakoruda and Smolyan.