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Bulgarian Artists

Bulgarian Artists Project

The project involves publishing of catalogues featuring contemporary Bulgarian artists and their works of art – Kalinography, presenting Stavri Kalinov, Nikola Toromanov, Harry Arabyan. We also supported the publishing of the book “Cultural Vertical” – a critical diary on the transformations in culture and theater within ten years – by Miroslava Kortenska, and of the second part of the album “The Art of Photography in Bulgaria – 1945–1995 “ by Petar Boev.
On the 2 March 2001 on the occasion of the national holiday of the country the Foundation organized in the Bulgarian Institute of Culture “Wittgenstein House” together with the Ministry of Culture the exhibition Bulgaria Today, presenting the works of three Bulgarian artists –paintings by Nikola Toromanov, photographs of Bulgaria by Atanas Kanchev and sculptures from glass and metal by Harry Arabyan.
Together with the Bulgarian Embassy in Helsinki the Foundation organized a Month of the Bulgarian Culture in the Cultural Center of the capital of Finland on the 24 May 2001. Within this month we organized the Fe-mail exhibition with the paintings of Nikola Toromanov.
The Foundation sent money for the Christmas and Easter holidays and before the beginning of the summer to over 100 retired and sick Bulgarian artists suggested by the relevant unions.

100 years since Iliya Volen was born

The Future for Bulgaria Foundation rendered financial support the publishing of the book “Going Deep – Essays, Notes, Thoughts” by Iliya Volen, as well as the anniversary meeting in the National Palace of Culture in connection with the 100-th anniversary of his birth.

Ivaylo Petrov – In Memoriam

The Foundation granted funds for the publishing of Ivaylo Petrov’s book “Before and After”, illustrated by himself, belonging to the series “Bulgarian Collection”, issued by publishing house “Literary Forum”. Together with the publishing house we organized an evening in memory of Ivaylo Petrov in the Sofia City Gallery with an exhibition of his paintings. Simultaneously, a special issue of the newspaper “Literary Forum” devoted to this anniversary came out. We also established a national award for literature dedicated to this great Bulgarian writer, which was conferred to Georgi Mishev for his most recent novel “Patriarchy”. The award also included the publishing of the novel.